Escape from London presented by Andy Sharp

From Blockbuster to Arthouse, Escape from London weaves a new hallucinatory double from movie heritage and the Capital panopticon.

The Asphyx, Herostratus, The Omen, BlowUp, A Clockwork Orange, Hellraiser, and Jane Arden all spill their celluloid innards across space and time in an abominable documentary collage. 

From the manicured lawns at Maryon Park to the anarchist clubs of Soho. From the Anti-Christ's riverbank in Fulham to a Spider Palace in Rome. Among razed estates at Thamesmead and the looted abbeys of 1381. Above today’s taurobolia at the Stock Exchange to the once incendiary temples of Artemis. Beneath suppurating floorboards in Cricklewood and undead monasteries in rural Romania.

Escape from London hot wires a fleet of careering time machines to a whole hell of contagious cinema. When the very material of film infects reality there is only one way out...

Warning: Only, for those who prefer their hypernormality on Angel Dust.