All start/run times are approximate and subject to change.


04:00 BST Sunday/23:00 EDT Saturday/20:00 PDT Saturday

Acid Horizon on Rave Spaces. The hosts of the Acid Horizon podcast speak with Matt Colquhoun and Natasha Eves about rave and communal spaces.


05:00 BST Sunday/00:00 EDT Sunday/21:00 PDT Saturday

Mariam Rezaei presents a Neon Screams Footwork/Juke Mix. Special Neon Screams footwork, jungle and juke vocals mix including RP Boo, Jana Rush, DJ Manny, DJ Clent, Traxman, Heavee, Bastiengoat, DJ Rashad and DJ Nate.


06:00 BST Sunday/01:00 EDT Sunday/22:00 PDT Saturday

Simon Reynolds and Kit Mackintosh in conversation. Simon Reynolds and Kit Mackintosh discuss Kit’s new Repeater Books release on future music of all kinds, Neon Screams. 


07:00 BST Sunday/02:00 EDT Sunday/23:00 PDT Saturday

Kit Mackintosh presents a Neon Screams mix.


08:00 BST/03:00 EDT/00:00 PDT

Detroit Trap Showcase. Detroit is arguably the most relevant city in trap music right now. Between tracks the panel discusses elements of Detroit trap, stylistic idiosyncrasies, and thoughts on music in general.


10:00 BST/05:00 EDT/02:00 PDT

Lee Scott interview and mix: Ahead of the December release of his dayglo, gonzo-realist debut novel Swan Songs on Repeater Blah records impresario and mutant rap polymath Lee Scott talks class, creativity and growing up in Runcorn. Followed by a mix with some of Lee Scott's most dazzling work both solo and in collaboration.


11:30 BST/06:30 EDT/03:30 PDT

Acid Horizon presents an Industrial Jungle mix.


12:30 BST/07:30 EDT/04:30 PDT

Kenosist presents a Dungeon Drill Dub Mix. A dubbed-out dungeon-crawl through translocal drill emanations and darkside carnival jolts.


13:30 BST/08:30 EDT/05:30 PDT

acid communist presents cybergothic (video player). A new video mini-album from Acid Communist.