Their Tells

by Ruaridh Law/TVO


Their Tells" is a series of ten monthly sound art works commissioned for Repeater Radio. Each one will place the human voice - and the stories that those voices tell - at the centre.

Each month will comprise of either audio or film work of between 15 minutes and an hour - with a PDF booklet each month to accompany the piece. After a month, the piece and booklet will be taken down and replaced with the next one.

This is Number 1: The Best and Only. 9 voices (including authors Gareth Rees, Gerard McKeever, Morag Law and Sally Golding) intertwine with electronics from the likes of Spatial, Valanx, Dirty Hope, Graham Dunning and Mark Lyken.

Accompanying this (and every) broadcast of Their Tells is a PDF booklet; you can download the booklet for Episode 1, "The Best and Only," here!