These Are The Breaks

with Mariam Rezaei


These Are The Breaks’ is a new podcast by experimental turntablist and composer Mariam Rezaei. Running adjacent to her new book for Repeater in 2022, Mariam will start the series with a manifesto on Turntablism today.


The show will bring together Hip Hop and Experimental New Music Turntablism through a kaleidoscope of DJ interviews, personal experiences and those crate-digger record collections. Including DJ mixes alongside interviews with tablists old and new, it will explore competition culture and free improv plus new innovations and forgotten histories. Turntablism is a truly international culture and there is room for all of us at the turntables.

Mariam Rezaei is an award winning composer, turntablist and performer. She leads TOPH, a producing mixed arts space in Newcastle, UK. TOPH curate a regular series of concerts along with an annual TUSK FRINGE for TUSK Festival. Her newest album ’SKEEN' is available on Fractal Meat Cuts

#01 | Mariam Rezaei

#02 | Mr Switch

#04 | Lasse Marhaug